Alleviates occasional digestive discomfort and bloating

  • Is a natural digestive stimulant recommended for the management of common digestive disorders such as indigestion.
  • Stimulates digestive enzymes, increases bile secretion, and helps the digestion and assimilation of food.
  • Supports long-term digestive wellness
  • Balances and tones the entire digestive system from the stomach to the lower intestines which is key to overall digestive wellness and reduced sensitivity for gaseous distension.
  • Promotes the assimilation of nutrients by increasing digestive strength and vitality.
  • Perfect for those who eat on the run, chew too fast, eat under stressful conditions, or otherwise need to support the body's normal response to occasional digestive discomfort.

Available as:

Tablet and Syrup (available in the flavors Ginger-Lemon and Cardamom)

Directions for use:


Twice daily after meals

Adult: 2 teaspoonfuls (10 ml)
Children: 1 teaspoonful (5 ml)


For flatulence and belching: 2 tablets after meals.

For pre-radiographic bowel preparation:
Gasex: 2 tablets three times daily.
Herbolax: 2 capsules/tablets at bedtime.

Pack Size:

Syrup: Pilfer-proof bottle of 200 ml.
Tablet: Sealed pack of 100 tablets.