For Mild Acne

  • Used for over 4,500 years, Neem is traditionally called 'the village pharmacy' and has over 135 active constituents

  • Supports the body's normal ability to purify the blood, as well as the skin for improved luster and clarity

  • Promotes overall detoxification by supporting normal lymphatic function

  • Supports normal immune cell efforts to sustain overall wellness

60 Caplets | Take 1 caplet per day after food | Certified USDA Organic| Gluten Free | Magnesium Stearate Free | Synthetic Additive Free

Product Details

With over 135 biologically active components, Neem stands to be the one of the most impressive immune supportive herbs in history. Neem has been successfully used for millennia to support vital immune activity and normal tissue health.

It has a long history of use both internally and externally to support normal luster and balance of the skin.

In addition, Neem's active principals, gedunin and mahmoodin, have been shown to promote normal intestinal flora and have been linked with effective digestion and the uptake of nutrients.

Support the body's natural cleansing mechanisms and normal skin health and appearance with Neem, history's famous "anti-everything" herb. Safe for long-term use.*