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  • Key Ingredients: Asoka Tree, Lodh Tree, Indian Tinospora, Shatavari

  • Clinically studied for safety and effectiveness

  • Supports proper hormone utilization and balance*

  • Provides physical and emotional support during your menstrual cycle*

  • Helps women cope with the discomforts and natural stresses placed on the body*

Recommended Use

1 month supply

Adults take 2 capsules twice daily with meals

Product Details

Ayurveda teaches that with the correct approach, the menstrual cycle should be barely noticeable. It proposes this is achieved beginning with Triphala and Trikatu to reinforce digestion and Shatavari to support emotional and hormonal balance.*

This age-old guidance is the basis for MenstriCare®, which is formulated to reduce cramping, fatigue and discomfort related to the menstrual cycle.*