Non-Habit Forming Optimum Bowel Health

  • Clinically studied in a human double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to support reliable, consistent, and gentle bowel movements

  • Combines key ingredients like Licorice and Ginger to awaken the intestines for dependable, effective and safe support

  • Supports normal bile production and the natural alkaline environment in the intestines

60 Vegetarian Capsules | 2 capsules before bedtime | Gluten Free | Magnesium Stearate Free | Synthetic Additive Free

Product Details

If you're seeking support for abdominal comfort and the occasional lack of normal bowel movements, LaxaCare is safe, effective, and non-habit forming support.

LaxaCare supports the body's normal functions necessary for proper digestion and aides in the process of bowel evacuation and detoxification.

If you're traveling or have experienced recent dietary changes affecting your digestion, or if you just need occasional, situational support, LaxaCare is gentle, overnight relief you can depend on.