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Healthy Heart Support and Cholesterol Levels Already Within Normal Range

  • Clinically studied in human double-blind, placebo controlled trials to support normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels both already within normal limits which are important measurements for overall cardiovascular wellness

  • Has mood supporting and relaxing herbs to support calmness and promote tranquility

  • Provides multifold beneficial support to the cardiovascular system, peripheral circulation, and support during physical exertion

240 and 120 Vegetarian Capsules | Take 2 capsules twice daily with meals | Gluten Free | Magnesium Stearate Free | Synthetic Additive Free

Product Details

Much more than just a simple pump, traditional medicine saw the heart as the body's "second brain."

HeartCare includes clinically documented adaptogenic herbs such as Saffron, Ashwagandha, and Holy Basil that tonify the adrenal glands and reduce the impact of stress on the body and mind.

With Amla, an important plant food that has been clinically shown to support normal cholesterol levels including low-density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides, and phospholipids, already within normal limits all important blood markers for cardiovascular wellness.

If you're interested in supporting normal heart function, circulation, blood pressure, cholesterol both already within the normal range and lipid levels simultaneously, look for the all-in-one, proven support of HeartCare. Safe for long term use.*